10 Reasons To Choose Business Analyst as Your Career

You may have come across the term business analyst many times. Many of your acquaintances might be working as a business analyst in a firm. In today’s world business analyst is a necessity for every organization. In this article, you will understand who is a business analyst and why you should choose BA as your career.

Who is a business analyst and what do they do?

Business analyst provides an opportunity to learn life-long and find solutions to various business problems. Let us understand the meaning and importance of business analysis with the help of an example. 

Albert, works in a company where he gets some data which he analyses and finds out that his company is incurring some losses due to change in behavior of his customers. He analyses this situation and solves the problem and passes it further to the admin. Due to this the company starts to grow and gain profits. 

A business analyst is someone who analyzes an organization or business domain and documents its business or processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology.

They don’t directly participate in the business, but they indirectly participate and increase the profits of the business. The roles and responsibilities of a business analyst are-

  • They coordinate with stockholders.
  • They analyze the market and consumer for further enhancement.
  • Business analysts analyze the core of a business and then they improve the system as well.
  • Business analysts work to find out the loopholes in the system and add new features to the system.
  • They help the organization to implement new things in the right way.

There are various types of business analysts-

  • Business process analyst
  • IT business analyst
  • Business system analyst
  • System analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Function architect
  • UX analyst

Business analysts must possess the following skills-

  • Analyst skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Business process and planning
  • Technical skills

Why should you choose business analyst as your career?

  1. Opportunity to increase your Salary

If you are an entry level business analyst you can easily earn 25k-35k rupees. If you become an experienced professional you can earn 50k-80k rupees. Professionals having experience in industry can expect a salary of 80k-1 L or more. So you have more opportunity to increase your salary by gaining more and more experience.

  1. High demand for business analyst 

Due to technological advancement there is an industrial boom and eventually there will be continuous job creation in this field. The one industry that is not affected by the pandemic is the IT industry where the business analyst works. This is because people are working from home and using the internet and technology. Hence, the demand for BA is always high and constant. A BA is always in a booming and recession-proof industry.

  1. Business analyst can opt for any industry

A business analyst can work in any field like business, banking, insurance, telecom, utilities, software, service, government and many more. If you become a business analyst you can opt for any industry that you want and there are more options available to you.

  1. Work from home flexibility

There are some careers where you can’t work from home. But in the case of a business analyst you can easily work from home and manage your work. There are many careers where business analysts work full-time remotely. To work as a BA you can do your job from anywhere in the world. 

  1. Easy to transfer your career

There are certain careers where it is difficult for you to transition to those careers without going through some rigorous type of training. If you want to change your career like becoming a doctor or lawyer you have to complete some tests and acquire certain certifications. To change your career to BA, you have to get training and experience for comparatively shorter period of time. If you wish to change your career right now you can get free online training and courses at skillfin learning and become a business analyst.

  1. Positive impact on your organization

Working as a business analyst can help to have a positive impact on your organization. You provide meaningful solutions to your business and your work is recognized. You communicate with different people and teams in the organization which creates a positive impact on others.

  1. Different roles and challenges

As a business analyst you have to perform different roles every day. Every new day brings in some challenges and problems for which you have to find solutions which makes your job interesting. A repetitive and similar work every day makes it boring and lifeless. Facing new problems and performing different roles motivates you to work even better.

  1. Utilizing your knowledge and experience

Business analyst as a career provides you an opportunity to use all of your past experiences and knowledge. Whatever you have studied in school, college or your higher education will all come to play as a BA. There are different situations each day, hence you have to use all your experiences and knowledge to solve your problems.

  1. Meeting and working with different people

As a BA you have to work with different departments and engage with people. You communicate with new people and gain experience and knowledge from them. If you are someone who likes to meet new people and work in teams then this is the right profession for you. You get an opportunity to work with different departments like customer service representatives, testers, developers etc. and learn their work as well.

  1. Directly work with the stakeholders

As you are the business analyst of the company you will have complete knowledge and information about all the processes, decisions, plans and objectives of the firm. You will have the opportunity to directly engage and communicate with the stakeholders and discuss the company’s financial position. You have to establish trust with the key stakeholders and help them take the right decisions.

After having known the benefits and reasons to choose business analyst as your career. You may want to know how to become a business analyst.

How can you become a business analyst?

You can easily become a business analyst by taking up certain courses and training. There are many online courses available like the free online course and training which gives you an opportunity to become an effective and successful BA.

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