6 Low Budget Marketing Ideas For Small Business


The same things that are considered inconvenient both when managing a small business can be easily exploited to become the greatest strengths of your company.

There are several different ways of marketing a small business with little or no money. A modest marketing budget does not mean that a small business cannot achieve successful results. Here are seven low-cost marketing ideas ideal for any small business:

1.  E-mail

These days, it seems to be more common for people to have an email account than a home phone number. Take the opportunity to collect the email addresses of all your contacts and collect in a few different categories (for example: seller, past customer, future customer, etc.). Design a coherent marketing plan for each of these categories and being true to a timeline will ensure that your contacts are keeping your business in your mind.

2.  Freebies

Freebies are gifts or samples that come to us. Of course, this can make a dent in the bank account of the company, but if you offer free samples or promotional gifts related to your products or services it is a proven tactic to convert prospects into customers. If you have a business that offers a unique product, consider small samples of the product to interested prospects, but still be hesitant. Giving a sample of the product is trying to have great confidence in your merchandise and at the same time start building the trust of your consumers.

If your small business is a service-based company, offering something as simple as a personalized pen can approach companies and get in touch with more information. Offering such gifts is not necessarily a demonstration of your business capabilities, but you are offering a sample, however small, as a gift. Also, who doesn’t like free stuff?

3. Business  cards

Having a business card to deliver to customers or new acquaintances with your name, title, and contact information is great. But why not take full advantage of that business card and add some extra something? Use the blank back of the card and add a unique web address to access more information about your products or services, or even expand a special offer.

4.  Thank you notes

It is a personal touch that every small business can afford. Take 10 to 20 minutes a day, once a week, to thank a few regular special or private customers. Pleasantly surprise your customers, with a form of quick thanks but that, without a doubt, builds a positive relationship with your business.

5.  Online offers

An offer does not necessarily have to cost the business a lot of money. Attracting customers through email media, or social networks or conventional marketing pieces or visiting your website to print a 10% discount coupon or a special incentive for new customers, may be just what you need your business If you feel adventurous, you may want to take a look at online discount sites, such as Groupon to build your business by expanding a special offer to a completely new group of possibilities. Just keep in mind that these sites are far from cheap.

6.  Promotion Reference

For many small businesses, a strong reference base can make or break their bottom line. By providing an extra level of customer service so that your company stands above the norm, you will inevitably build a solid base of happy customers to promote your company. Sometimes you just have to ask for it. This could be as simple as reminding satisfied customers that your company is strongly driven by their references.

As you can see, with a marketing budget is not the only way to keep new and old customers. By doing so, it also makes your small business special, no company is able to promote itself with little or no money at all.

Source : Multitechguide.com

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