8 Best Logo Designing Tools You Must Haven’t Heard About!

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When you are set to launch a business your main goal is not only to be financially independent but also have a prominent role in the industry that you have been working in. The same concept is part of designing and marketing world. However, for achieving excellence and recognition you also need to work hard and be the best at what you do.
So, when you set yourself to launch your own custom logo design company, be aware that there are already many doing exactly what you do and not everyone makes it to the end of the line. For being someone other than the ordinary you will also need to work in the same way. Thus, for making exceptional logos you will not only need experience but an artistic nature and a right tool. 

Here we have a list of tools which you can have for your logo designing team to create their masterpiece.

1.Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is one of the oldest and the famous name among the designers. It has been widely used by various logo design agency and is the reason behind their excellence. As here we have the tools that can be of professional use and Adobe is one of those which makes it less user friendly for beginners. This one let the logo designers create the designs they imagine with its vast range of brushes and tools. The grid gives professionalism to the logo that you have designed. Therefore, this is the first and prime choice of a custom logo designing company.


This one is primarily used by beginners, but as a logo design agency you can incorporate this tool in your packages and work to get some creative inspiration. This logo designing tool is free, hence it is one which will not require your business capital. It is a good choice because it gives customized logo suggestions when you provide the details about the business like the industry and the style that you want. So, as a designing agency this is a great tool to kick start your thought process. 

3.Wix Logo Maker:

Wix is a blessing in disguise for the logo designers; this free logo design software is a blessing for both beginners and professionals opening up their logo designing companies. Wix like many other names on the list initially provide you with the templates and suggestions that are highly customizable. So, by making the account you are opening the door of various opportunities for designing professional level logos for the business. 


Another one that we have is basically for beginners but cost a bit around $40. It is not free but has various templates and tools for designing a logo. This one may not be the prime choice for professionalism but for a custom logo designing company that caters beginners it is a good thing to invest in. Further, before your designing team go ahead in designing a logo from scratch then tools like laughing bird actually helps in brain storming and coming up more creative ideas.


Canva is an absolute treat for designers, no matter what you want to design from business presentations to flyers, from business card to the logo this tool is your go to place! It has tons of free logo design templates those which are free and then there are those which might cost you a bit. Canva is another great tool to begin working with; it can help your company create an impressive logo designing portfolio which will help your company in attracting more clients.

6.Logo Design Studio Pro:

Next we have another logo design tool which gives you the liberty of designing a logo according to your artistic nature but it also cost you a little. This application is a good choice for a custom logo design company which has limited tools and options to begin with. 

It gives you a wide range of templates, an option to start your plan of designing the logo for your client. Further, it has thousands of vectors, shapes, fonts, and other features that will let  you customize the logos according to the task at hand. However, be ready to invest around $50 in this tool.

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Logaster also does the job of providing professional result to your logo searches. Using this tool is a good choice if you have limited designers in your team. It provides affordable logo design without much hassle. Moreover, you can take inspiration from this tool as well before you go ahead on to applications like adobe or design studio. By paying a little amount this tool also let the users save high quality pictures of the logo. Thus, it saves you the hassle of thinking and working and is a great way of outsourcing capabilities.

8.Graphic Springs:

Last but not the least we have graphic springs a logo maker app that may not be a prime choice for professional logo designers but it is a place to begin working with. It also provide logo results on the basis of industry research. But there are not many templates and it actually provides high customization features to alter and change the logo that are already present on site. For a custom logo design company this may not be a prime choice to play with their talent but it can be a first step to begin with. 


Custom logo designing is the best way to grow and catch more clients. In today’s market clients look for more customized solution, an as logo designing company you target the people that will only need particular design related to their business. Hence, the tools above are known for catering various industries and businesses. Where some will let you design and work on your own and experiment with your artistic capabilities there are some that will give you designs and templates to play with. Each of the tools are a good catch for your custom logo design company. 

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