Dos and Don’ts of WordPress Web Design for Beginners

Good web design is crucial. 

It not only makes your brand look professional but it also acts as a call-to-action for visitors and urges them to perform the desired actions. 

Your website can have an eye-catching design that stands up from competitors but it can still face problems during conversions. This is because good web design is not only based solely on visuals but also on the overall functionality. 

So, when designing your WordPress website, here are some of the dos and don’ts:

The Dos of WordPress Web Design

  1. Use Consistent Colors

Using lots of distinct colors on your website can make it look flashy in a bad way— it makes you look amateur and compel your users to leave your website and find more professional-looking sites. 

Whenever you handle designing projects, you need to make sure that you determine and understand the very purpose of the site. This should help you in picking up a relevant color that matches the company and keeping it consistent with the different sections of the site. 

2.Simplified Navigation

Want to make your website functional?

Add 10 or more menu there. 



AS with color, the least number of menu items, the better. You only need at least 5 – 8 items. You just need a menu to define your brand, its goals, objectives or foundation, and your services. 

And if you find yourself running out of room for your top-level navigational menu, you can always use sub-menus to your advantage. 


Your major motivation is to offer your visitors a quality experience, thus, simplified navigation should help you achieve that. 

3.Use only High-Quality Images

Nothing annoys a visitor more than landing on a website with blurry and fuzzy images. Either your images are too small or they are of low quality, make sure to only upload and use images of high resolution to boost the overall design quality of your website. 

  • Easy-to-Read Fonts
  • Ever opened a blog only to be flustered with text of different colors and shapes? Or have you ever clicked on a site link and landed on a website whereyou felt the need to read it through a magnifying glass?

You’d probably click the back button as soon as possible. You don’t want your visitors doing that. So, make sure to use formal fonts for your website. As for the size, make sure that it is readable and noticeable. 

The Don’ts of WordPress Web Design

  1. Being Colorful

Alright, Picasso, we like colors and lots of them. However, it does not mean that you can use whatever you want on your website. 

A good rule of the thumb is to only use 2 – 4 colors on web design. Using too many is highly distracting and can cause sensory overload.

2. Home Page Overload

Another big no is to overload your home page.

Remember, your home page is there for one good reason:

Lead visitors tothe desired action you want them to take. 

This is why most designers make the mistake of cramming too much information on that one page. 

Just think of it as a guide. It guides people to take a particular action. Maybe it is to call you for consultation or click on to read more about the services or products you offer. 

That’s it!

3.Flash Animations + Sliders

Once upon a time, flash animation was a must-have for any good website design. Well, it was. 

It went out a long time ago. And Google? They don’t like websites with flash. And neither almost all people. They are ugly and takes too much time to load. 

Sliders, on the other hand, took over. And while most people liked it, they can be quite annoying. Plus, they lower your conversion rates. 

So, just don’t use them, please?

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