Impact of Astrology on Wealth, Money and Property

In this age of modernization, each and every person wants to become wealthier and wealthier than they are right now. Because in today’s period each and everything is being depended on this factor of money and due to this reason each and every person is in the race to earn more and more money. And due to this reason Money has become such a portion of the food of which people are having endless hunger and due to this reason, people are in the race of gaining more and more wealth with one or the other way. But, each and every person is not able to make money because it is said that earning money is a pure game of luck and due to this reason all people are not having good luck. But, you can take the help of ancient science which is well known as Astrology because; with the help of this art you can attract wealth towards you. And in order to do this art needs different things like DOB, birthplace, etc.

How does Astrology help in such a case?

As, Astrology is said to be one of the most ancient arts of this whole world, and due to this reason it is also the most varied art of this world. And this astrology is not only art but, it is also considered science. And Astrology is also said to be the study of planets and different zodiac signs. And according to the perspective of Kundli the 1st house shows us Individual personality, 2nd house provide us information related to income and earnings, 3rd house indicates the factor of courage and risk-taking ability, 4th house shows us the property and land acquisition, 6th house is used to show triumph in activities, 7th house shows information related partnership, 10th house is for the honor and respect and the 11th house is the last house used to show the fulfillment of desire are analyzed minutely for wealth-related predictions.

So, this was some basic information related to the art of astrology which is well known as Kundli is under the head of Vedic astrology.

The Importance of Charts in this field of increasing your Wealth:-

It is said that astrology is having several different arts to solve the same problems of your life. And due to this reason, astrology is having the service of the art called the Charts. Charts are used to get accurate readings due to which the astrologer is able to make a different kind of predictions related to your wealth.

So, this was the basic information of the chart and its use in order to provide you just insight.

These are the following Vastu tips for your wealth accumulation:-

  • The main and most prior guide is that you should never construct any kind of water bodies like water pool, swimming pool, etc. On the southwest corner and this rule is applicable on each and everything like office, house, or any other building which is being gone to construct.
  • It is said in order to increase the flow of cash towards yourself you should put your cash locker or the cash holder in the south direction in such a manner that it should be open towards the north direction because, according to the concept of the Vedic astrology North direction is said to be belonging to the Lord Kuber who is the god of wealth and due to this reason it is said that if your locker is opening into north direction then lord Kuber will make sure the flow of cash towards you and not only this but, they will also increase the flow of cash in your locker and due to this reason you should avoid placing locker on any other direction. This could be your golden chance to increase your wealth
  • It is said that you should not put your money in any dark or shady part of your house, office, or company. And it is also said that you should not put any kind of document related to your wealth or any kind of money under beam because it is said that it provides negativity to your wealth and due to this there is the possibility of your wealth being decreased.

So, these were all the basic points which you need to know about this art of astrology and there is one other art also which is well known as the black magic which is being considered as one of the most ancient arts of this field of astrology and due to this reason this art of astrology is having the power to solve your each and every problem and for more details, you can contact to Black Magic Specialist in Ahmedabad because according to our information he is a well-informed astrologer in this field of astrology.

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