Choosing the Best SDP to Invest Online in 2020


The year 2020 has started with uncertainty about various geopolitical and economic indicators. While unpredictability is the name of investing, there are few sure-shot practices you should adopt right away to get a hold over your finances for 2020 and beyond. Learn about various new financial products and consider fixed deposits an intrinsic part of your investment. Choosing the right fixed deposit can bring a sea change in your returns.

You can choose assured returns with a high-paying fixed deposit. Company fixed deposits are paying 1-2% higher than bank FDs. The market has a new savings tool in the form of a Systematic Deposit Plan. It helps you create a series of fixed deposits via small monthly deposits. An SDP is the way to go as it lets you invest in lucrative company fixed deposits with a small investment amount of Rs. 5,000 per month.

The best SDP to invest in 2020

The top SDP to invest is the Bajaj Finance Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) which allows you up to 8.35% for a five year FD if you are a senior citizen. Currently, this is the only available SDP in India and has been recently launched as an add-on feature on Bajaj Finance FD.

Under this Systematic Deposit Plan, you can create small monthly deposits starting from Rs. 5000 (per month) for a tenor ranging between 12 to 60 months. The number of deposits can range from 6 to 48 during this tenor. 

Here’s how you can adopt the best approach to invest online in SDP-

  1. Take the benefit of in-built laddering – SDP plans have an in-built laddering as each monthly deposit is deposited at the current prevailing interest rate and helps in creating each deposit like a new FD. Thus, after the completion of the tenor, you will start receiving the matured deposits one after the other in a consecutive stream.
  2. Access to instant liquidity – Multiple features embedded within the SDP plan make it unique than a regular fixed deposit. You can easily take a loan against each deposit in SDP, while the other deposits continue to earn interest. You can also go for pre-mature withdrawal if you have the need for instant liquidity. You have the flexibility to choose the monthly deposit date as the 3rd, 7th or 12th of every month.
  3. Systematic Deposit Calculator – This is a very useful tool available on Bajaj Finserv website. It will help you know the exact monthly deposit amount you need to invest to receive a particular maturity amount in future. Use the Systematic Deposit Calculator to plan your future maturities to coincide with your financial goal completion.
  4. Plan tenor and deposits – You need to worry about missing any deposits as you can choose between 6 to 48 deposits within the chosen tenor of 12 to 60 months. This gives you surplus money to use or invest alternatively. 

This top SDP to invest comes from one of the top-rated NBFCs in the country. It assures you of stable and guaranteed returns with the credibility of ICRA and CRISIL ratings.

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