What does Google know about you?

Google knows what about you

Have you ever thought that the company that knows everything knows about you? What would be surprising is that I did not know any information about you, since Google, like Big Brother, knows everything and you, you will not escape.

Google is a fabulous company and at the same time terrible, it all depends on the point of view with which you look at it. Google and its services do not have, today, any rival that shadows them, and that is why millions and millions of people around the world use Google products. But, these products are priced, and not precisely monetary.

And it is that Google tracks virtually all your movements on the network, even when you are not connected.This technological monster knows so much about us that he knows our tastes and preferences better than some of our lifelong friends or even our mother. Although there are several ways to decide what you share and what not with Google, and although most people have no idea of ​​this, there are people who stop using Google services but, even then, they do not escape the eyes of the multinational .

How much does Google know me?

If we analyze a little where this giant has its eyes, we can calculate, more or less, what the company knows about us. Surely more than once it has been funny to see how in Google search results you find exactly what you were looking for. Moreover, surely while browsing the Internet, you have seen advertising banners with page offers that you have visited previously.

If you want to know what the Internet says about you, surely your first option is to go to Google and it will be here where you will find the first clue of how much it knows about you.

Your browsing history

From the Google History page, you can review each and every search you have done, broken down by time and date, whether on the web, blogs, news, etc. This is the tracking that Google does of everything you are looking for, from any device on which you are registered with your Google account. They justify themselves by claiming they do it this way in order to show you more relevant results completely in line with your preferences.

Start or not log in with your Google account, thanks to cookies, Google tracks all the places you visit, analyzing how often you do it, how much time you spend on them, in what order you access, and much more.

What does Google do with this information? This data collected about you is very useful for advertisers who buy advertising space from Google and, of course, for all marketing actions carried out by the company. And of course, that someone other than you can have access to this type of information, represents a rather large privacy problem that bothers a large part of the population.

Gmail private? Do not!

When we talk about Google, there is no private email. If you use Gmail for many years, you have to know that Google has access to everything you write from your account. Even use the content of your private e-mails to show you personalized advertising. The company also uses emails that write to you, regardless of whether they come from another mail service.

It is no surprise that Google knows your tastes so well, if you even access your private conversations.

Your documents, our servers

It is likely that if you have documents in the Drive, Google can read them. All Google services share a unified service terms, so if Google takes the liberty of reading your emails to get useful data, what can you expect from your documents in the Drive?

YouTube sees you

The world’s most popular place to watch and share videos is also part of Google and, of course, everything you do on YouTube is stored. Google knows all the videos you watch, your subscriptions, searches, etc. From the Google control panel you can review all the information that Google stores about you. It is a fairly long list. There is almost nothing you do online that Google doesn’t know.

Android is open, like a book

With Android, Google not only checks your browsing history, the videos you see, the searches you do and the documents you store, it also tracks all the places you go to through the use of GPS, Android also stores device information, including passwords, WiFi networks and third-party application data.

All this information is stored to Google’s servers. There is even an audio history.

And this does not end here. Google stores all the data that passes through your social network, Google +, and your browser, Google Chrome.

We have to keep in mind that this information that the giant collects is not stored in a database as we would with a book in an old library. This information is used for commercial and political purposes. If there is something more valuable on this planet than money, it is information, and that is why Google is the richest company in the world.

Everything you were, who you are, and who you will be, Google probably knows. It may sound like a science fiction movie, but this company really wants to dominate the world, and somehow, it has already succeeded. Google is not only the largest advertising company in the world, but also owns the historical and personal archives of half the world. If this is not a reason to see them with a little fear, I don’t know how it can be. Google not only collects information, stores it for eternity.

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